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Telephonic legal advice

Dial our legal advice hotline now. We are here to help you!

Your advantages

For your convenience, you can reach us by phone from Monday to Saturday between 08h00 and 22h00.

  • We have experience
  • We are competent
  • We are fast
  • We support private and business customers
  • Billing is simple and done via your telephone bill

Quick and convenient

Make sure you have important court orders, contracts or documents at hand during the telephone call. You should also have important names, addresses and telephone numbers within reach.

During the call, it would be helpful if you are sitting at a computer with Internet and email access.

We are there for you right now!

We will call you back

Sometimes all our legal advisers are engaged in consultations. Our secretary will then record your contact details and we will call you back as soon as we are free.

A service that we are happy to provide – because we want you to be satisfied!

We don´t leave you on your own!

Thanks to the telephone legal advice and the writing service you can get everything from one source!

We don’t only offer competent legal advice, but also accompany you during the implementation in a very concrete, uncomplicated and legally secure manner thanks to our Schreibservice Pro. Here and now at the advice hotline – give us a try!

Frequently asked questions

The consulting hotline will provide you with quick and uncomplicated answers to specific questions about Swiss law. Legal advice over the telephone is particularly suitable for discussions related to circumstances where no file study is necessary.

A call to our advisory hotline is also worthwhile when you need an independent second opinion or want to discuss process prospects.

Telephone legal advice via the Swiss advice hotline 0900 55 33 55 costs CHF 4.50 per call per minute. The total cost of the consultation depends on the length of the call.

Other tariffs apply for our customers from Germany and Austria.

No, if you call the legal advice hotline and we write something for you during the call (for example, a notice of termination), there will be no additional costs for you other than telephone costs.

No, you do not have to pay anything for the recorded announcements that you hear at the beginning when you call the advice hotline.

This applies to the Swiss legal advice hotline as well as to the German and Austrian hotline.

No, you will not receive a separate invoice when you call the consulting hotline.

The costs for the telephone legal advice are automatically charged to your telephone bill.

No further costs are incurred.

If you can’t reach the advice hotline it might be due to a large outstanding telephone bill, or your phone company might not support calls to paid service numbers (090x …).

In both cases, you should contact your telephone service provider. Pay the bill and / or ask the telephone company to activate the service number.

You can also book consultation time online. We will then call you.

No, you can’t come by for a consultation.

Telephone legal advice and the Schreibservice Pro writing service are at the core of our business model.

That therefore means that we can only be reached via the legal advice hotline.

Yes, of course! We do so every day.

We can get things moving for you right from the first telephone call and send a registered letter or an email to the other party.

The legal advisor with whom you conduct your first consultation will become your personal legal advisor. It is of course always possible to change your personal legal adviser should you so wish.

Your personal legal advisor has a PIN. You can contact your advisor directly via the advice hotline. You will receive the PIN by email during the first telephone call.

No, telephone calls via the advice hotline are never recorded. If you wish, we can send you a summary of the consultation by email.

Yes, you can reach us during our business hours by calling from German landlines (0900 1 55 88 55 € 2.99 / min.) and Austrian landlines (0900 57 57 57 € 3.63 / min.)

For technical reasons we are not available over the German or Austrian mobile network.

Of course, you can always book consultation time online. We will then call you on national or European foreign landline or mobile phones.

Der Erfolg gibt uns Recht!

Mehr als 95% unserer Kunden sind zufrieden

Book consultation time online now and save up to .

Give it a try and get a discount!

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